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Acoustic emissions are short-lived, high frequency, elastic waves generated by the rapid release of stored energy. Sliding friction and rolling between grains are sources of acoustic emissions. We study precursory signals to global failure with acoustic emission sensors.

Related to our research on landslide triggering, our objective is to use accoustic emissions (AE) for detecting the progressive development of local to global slope failure triggered by rainfall. To learn how to interpret AE wave characteristics recorded in the field, we conduct laboratory experiments with sands and soils in the lab.

Landslide triggering

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Videos, Cameras & Scanners

Capturing sequences of images is very important in experiments involving dynamic processes. Timed images are of major importance for interpretation of dynamic data such as pressure curves, accoustic signals and temperature dynamics. The various different types of cameras in our labs provide the capability to show thermal patterns of surfaces, slow motion images of fast dynamic movements and close-up of tiny movements.

Landslide Triggering
Dynamics of interfaces in porous media

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Data Acquisition Systems

Monitoring of long and short-term experiments requires recording, analysis and storage of data at specific frequencies. Data acquisition systems provide the capabilities to monitor voltage, current and digital signals indoors and outdoors. Applications include all kinds of experiments where sensors are used.

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Soil Physics

To observe the physical properties of soils and soil physical variables in laboratory experiments, specialized sensors and transducers are needed. We use a broad range of instruments and equipment, which is also demonstrated in the various courses we teach.

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Soil Mechanics

Electrical and mechanical workshops, which are part of our department's central infrastructure, enable us to build our own measurement equipment. We design and build infrastructure for our specific needs and maintain a variety of measurement equipment for soil mechanical properties.

Landslide triggering
Development of measurement techniques and sensors

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