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Shear Frame

ShearFrame_manual The process of shearing is the counter movement of two frames located on each other.The Shear Box is designed to measure acoustic emission. Therefore the maximal displacement is longer and the shear velocity can be adjusted in a bro ...

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modular subsurface borehole-tower for vadose zone monitoring

Motivation: Most urgent contemporary societal challenges ranging from climate change to ecosystem services and food security are strongly linked to processes taking place in the vadose zone. Long term and highly resolved monitoring of key variables s ...

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Crack formation in wet granular materials

Laboratory experiments in a tilted box filled with wet sand suggest that the timing of mass release is controlled in part by the formation of a vertical extensional crack. Water in capillaries between sand grains hold grains together. The formation o ...

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Linking microbial diversity in the vadose zone with spatial heterogeneity, temporal varying soil surface hydration status and bacterial survival strategies

Soil pores and rough surfaces form a complex template within which unparalleled microbial diversity is found.  Fluctuations in soil water contents results in hydration patchiness at the microbial scale and affects diffusion connectivity and resource ...

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apparatus for measuring the Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity of sand, soils and granular matter

The Ks-Station is a measurement station to determine the saturated hydraulic conductivity (Ksat or Ks) in mm/h of soils and sands and potentially other porous media. The station allows to measure four samples simultaneously on four independent units. ...

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A Fiber Bundle Model for Soil

Shallow landslides represent a natural hazard to humans and infrastructures in mountainous regions. The suddenness and rapidity at which hydrologically-triggered shallow landslides occur has prevented the establishment of indicators for incipient fai ...

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Acoustic Emission for Landslide Detection

Landslides are difficult to predict in part due to the heterogeneity of the system and to uncertainties associated with triggering mechanisms. As part of a four-year project of the Competence Center Environment and Sustainability (CCES), precursory s ...

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Soil water content sensor

Soil water content is an important parameter in hydrology. In order to monitoring long and short term water content characteristics of soil in field experiments, we design wired and wireless low-cost sensors. The sensor has better performances (high ...

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Evaporation from porous media

A drying process is the replacement of the liquid by a gaseous phase due to evaporation of the liquid. The drying rate is relevant for the amount of water available for plants and other organisms and the water balance between soil and atmosphere. It ...

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Hydrologic and geomporphic factors determining landslide patterns

Landslide events occurring after intense rainfall cause damages for life, habitats and infrastructure. The most recent events affecting several regions in Switzerland occurred in summer 2005 and caused damages in the range of about 3 billion Swiss Fr ...

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Dynamics of surface temperature and energy partitioning over drying porous surfaces

The partitioning of incoming shortwave radiative energy on evaporative surfaces determines mass and energy exchange with the atmosphere, and influences measurements of various climatic and hydrologic processes. The evaporative drying of porous surfac ...

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Wireless acoustic emission sensor for monitoring and prediction in early warning systems for rapid mass movements

Acoustic emissions are high-frequency, short-lived, elastic waves generated by the rapid release of stored elastic energy. During deformation of soils and other granular materials, acoustic emissions are generated by various physical processes such a ...

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Linking Diffusional Heterogeneity and Aquatic Habitat Fragmentation with Microbial Coexistence and Diversity in the Vadose Zone

Notwithstanding the inhospitable and nutrient poor environment and the vagaries of climatic and hydration conditions, soil is the most biologically active compartment of the biosphere, hosting unparalleled biodiversity at all scales. Present understa ...

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TRAMM - Triggering of Rapid Mass Movements

For more and complete details, please visit the web site :  

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Multi-Scale Interface in Unsaturated Soil

Flow processes in soils and porous media in general are affected by interfaces in various respects: a. FLUID INVASION While at the macro scale fluid invasion is a smooth and continuous process characterized by the velocity of the propagating interfac ...

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