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The evolution of polymer composition during PHA accumulation: the significance of reducing equivalents.
Liliana Montano-Herrera, Bronwyn Laycock, Alan Werker, and Steven Pratt
Bioengineering, (2017) Basel: MDPI.


Fluxes in PHA-storing microbial communities during enrichment and biopolymer accumulation processes.
Om Murugan Janarthanan, Bronwyn Laycock, Liliana Montaño-Herrera, Yang Lu, Monica V. Arcos-Hernandez, Alan Werker, and Steven Pratt
New Biotechnology, (2016) Amsterdam: Elsevier.
Composition of mixed culture PHA biopolymers and implications for downstream processing.
Liliana Montaño-Herrera
Diss., St. Lucia, The University of Queensland (2016)


Value-added bioplastics from services of wastewater treatment.
M. Arcos-Hernández, L. Montaño-Herrera, O. Murugan Janarthanan, L. Quadri, S. Anterrieu, M. Hjort, T. Alexandersson, A. Karlsson, L. Karabegovic, P. Magnusson, P. Johansson, S. Bengtsson, F. Morgan-Sagastume, O. de Vegt, B. Laycock, S. Pratt, P. Halley, P. Lant, and A. Werker
Water Practice and Technology, (2015) London: IWA Publishing.


In-line monitoring of thermal degradation of PHA during melt-processing by Near-Infrared spectroscopy.
Liliana Montano-Herrera, Steven Pratt, Monica V. Arcos-Hernandez, Peter J. Halley, Paul A. Lant, Alan Werker, and Bronwyn Laycock
New Biotechnology, (2014) Amsterdam: Elsevier.
Enhanced polyhydroxyalkanoate production from organic wastes via process control.
Alejandro Vargas, Liliana Montaño, and Rodolfo Amaya
Bioresource Technology, (2014) Barking: Elsevier.


SAXS/WAXS studies of structure in poly(β-hydroxybutyrate-co-β-hydroxyvalerate) produced by mixed bacterial cultures.
Chris Garvey, Liliana Montano-Herrera, Steven Pratt, Alan Werker, and Bronwyn Laycock
Polymerisation mechanisms of mixed culture PHA.
Liliana Montano-Herrera, Steven Pratt, Peter J. Halley, Alan Werker, and Bronwyn Laycock
(2013) Brisbane: The Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI).


Polyhydroxyalkanoate thermal degradation monitored by Near-Infrared spectroscopy.
Liliana Montano-Herrera, Alan Werker, Bronwyn Laycock, and Steven Pratt
Model-Based control strategy for optimal mixed culture polyhydroxyalkanoate production.
Liliana Montaño, Rodolfo Amaya, and Alejandro Vargas
(2012) Berlin: ResearchGate GmbH.


PHA Production by mixed cultures in a batch bioreactor with dissolved oxygen control.
Liliana Montaño, and Alejandro Vargas
IWA World Water Congress and Exhibition : 19 - 24 September 2010, Montréal. Proceedings, (2010) London: IWA Publishing.
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