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Soil structural observatory

Soil compaction due to agricultural field traffic alters pore spaces, which may trigger an array of adverse impacts on soil ecological services and functions. Little is known about natural mechanisms of soil structural restoration after compaction. T ...

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Modeling Mechanics and Dynamics of Soil Bioturbation by Earthworms and Plant Roots.

The sub terrestrial activities of burrowing earthworms and growing plant roots contribute significantly to the formation and restoration of soil structure. We quantify key mechanical processes governing such activities in order to mechanistically com ...

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Wind effects on leaf gas exchange

Gas and heat exchange by plant leaves are coupled physiological processes of significant importance for surface-climate interactions and ecohydrology. The common practice of modelling transpiration as an isothermal process (assuming equal leaf and a ...

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Miniature wind tunnel for measuring all components of surface and leaf energy balance

The effect of wind speed on evaporation can be measured in the field and using standard wind tunnels in the lab. The effect of wind on sensible heat flux is usually inferred from observations with heated plates and their energy throughput while moni ...

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Vegetation Optimality Model (VOM)

Prediction of vegetation water use in the absence of detailed, site-specific observations or in the distant future under changing environmental conditions is a big challenge. The objective of this project is to develop a model that predicts vegetati ...

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