Dr. Stan Schymanski

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I am interested in the interactions between vegetation, soil and atmosphere and the resutling hydrologic behaviour of hillslopes and catchments. In search of general laws guiding these interactions, my research focuses on physical constraints, biological adjustments and macroscopic extremum principles such as maximum net carbon profit or maximum entropy production. In my research, I combine mathematical analysis with numerical modelling to generate hypotheses and engage in lab and field observations to test these hypotheses and formulate new questions.


My area of research includes:

Modelling of canopy photosynthesis, vegetation water uptake and transpiration

Driving forces and resistances for water flow in soil and plants

Thermodynamic and biological organising principles governing temporal dynamics and spatial patterns

Linking of physically-based hydrological models with biologically-based vegetation models

Optimal adaptation in a dynamically varying environment

Numerical and analytical optimisation


ETH Zurich

Swiss Data Science Center

Dr. Stanislaus Schymanski


Universitätstrasse 25

8092 Zürich


  • phone +41 44 633 63 65 
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