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Evaporation from porous media

A drying process is the replacement of the liquid by a gaseous phase due to evaporation of the liquid. The drying rate is relevant for the amount of water available for plants and other organisms and the water balance between soil and atmosphere. It ...

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Hydrologic and geomporphic factors determining landslide patterns

Landslide events occurring after intense rainfall cause damages for life, habitats and infrastructure. The most recent events affecting several regions in Switzerland occurred in summer 2005 and caused damages in the range of about 3 billion Swiss Fr ...

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Dynamics of surface temperature and energy partitioning over drying porous surfaces

The partitioning of incoming shortwave radiative energy on evaporative surfaces determines mass and energy exchange with the atmosphere, and influences measurements of various climatic and hydrologic processes. The evaporative drying of porous surfac ...

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TRAMM - Triggering of Rapid Mass Movements

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Multi-Scale Interface in Unsaturated Soil

Flow processes in soils and porous media in general are affected by interfaces in various respects: a. FLUID INVASION While at the macro scale fluid invasion is a smooth and continuous process characterized by the velocity of the propagating interfac ...

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Development of landslide triggering model and model application

The landslide triggering model I have developed is an extended version of the models introduced in Lehmann and Or [2012] and von Ruette et al. [2013] that were motivated by the concepts of self-organized criticality. A key feature of our modeling app ...

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Pore-scale thermal signatures of drying porous surfaces

During gradual drying of porous media surface pores are invaded by the air from largest to smallest sequentially, resembling the drainage process in which evaporating wetting liquid is displaced by the air. The emptying of an evaporating pore is acco ...

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Hydro-mechanical Loading History and Shallow Landslide Triggering

The triggering of rainfall-induced shallow landslides is preceded by accumulation of local internal failures in the soil mantle before their abrupt coalescence into a landslide failure plane. The mechanical status of a hillslope reflects the competit ...

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