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Statistical analyses of data about forest sites in the soil monitoring network of Canton Zurich

In large parts of the Swiss Plateau, atmospheric deposition of nitrogen (N) compounds exceeds the critical loads. Excessive N-input into forests is believed to accelerate soil acidification. Hence, the Soil Protection Agency of Canton Zurich monitors ...

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Hydrologic and geomporphic factors determining landslide patterns

Landslide events occurring after intense rainfall cause damages for life, habitats and infrastructure. The most recent events affecting several regions in Switzerland occurred in summer 2005 and caused damages in the range of about 3 billion Swiss Fr ...

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R software for robust geostatistical modelling of soil survey and monitoring data

Most of geostatistical software, available either commercially in GIS or in statistical software packages or as open source software (e.g. in R, cf. rely on non-robust algorithms. This is unfortunate, because outlying observations ...

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PMSoil: Predictive mapping of soil properties for the evaluation of soil functions at regional scale

Planning and decision-making for optimal use of soils requires spatial information on the potential of soils for particular soil functions. Soil function potentials are derived from soil basic properties by pedotransfer functions. However, detailed s ...

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BOWA-CH: Soils and water regime of Swiss forests and forest sites under present and future climate

Rising temperatures and droughts projected in climate change scenarios for Switzerland are a potential threat for forest plant communities. However, it is not clear today how, where and to which extend Swiss forests may change in the future by these ...

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