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I am interested in modelling complex systems from the perspective of physics and applications of physics to environmental science. As a part of SoilLife team in STEP, I am currently working on modelling microbial life on hydrated rough soil surface. The research seeks the spatial scalability that permits representation of microbial processes from cell-level (micro-metric scale) to soil representative volumes at sub-metric scales.

During my PhD so far, I have developed the Rough Surface Patch Model (RSPM). In this model, the key element of water retention is encapsulated in patch roughness properties that collectively present soil water retention properties and aqueous phase distribution at a given matric potential. The scalable representation of surfaces as patches enables simple computations for ecological modelling at sub-metric scales and for days to months time frames. Larger simulation domain permits considerations of temperature and hydration gradients known to affect microbial ecology near interfaces (i.e., soil surface, desert crust etc.). Patchy distribution of the microbial community and spatial heterogeneity can also be connected to the bacterial biodiversity across scales.



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Minsu Kim

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