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The Hidden Frontier: Quantitative Exploration of Physical and Ecological Origins of Microbial Diversity in Soil (SoilLife)

  By some accounts exploring the origins of soil microbial diversity represents a scientific frontier similar to that of space exploration in its scope. This biodiversity is attributed to soil ecological heterogeneity reflecting interplay of physical ...

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Design and Systems Biology of Functional Microbial Landscapes (MicroscapesX)

Microbial multispecies assemblies have crucial roles in both natural and engineered ecosystems. They form largely spontaneously, exhibit a highly dynamic nature, and may have both detrimental consequences (e.g., material destruction, disease) as well ...

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Modeling of methane emission dynamics from permafrost soil

The sensitivity of Polar regions to raising global temperatures is reflected in rapidly changing hydrological processes associated with pronounced seasonal thawing of permafrost soil and increased biological activity. Of particular concern is the pot ...

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Laboratory column experiments using artificial soil aggregates: quantifying greenhouse gas fluxes

Soil hydration modifies the microbial community dynamics and it is a key environmental variable to predict variations in soil respiration and denitrification rates from pore to soil profile scales. Evidence shows that soil aggregation can physically ...

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