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I am a chemical engineer with special interests in the areas of soil physics and soil biological processes. I explore the roles of chemical and physical constraints on soil microbial functioning and interactions. In my research, I develop mechanistic models for microbial life in soil across scales from pore to aggregate and profile based on angular pore network models that mimic soil hydraulic and transport properties. I conduct lab experiments with microfluidic devices and artificial soil aggregates to validate model predictions and check new hypotheses.



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 Main research areas:

Modeling microbial dispersion rates in unsaturated pore networks: modeling vs. microfluidic experiments (ref. article)

Quantifying the role of hydration and diffusion processes on microbial community composition and function: mechanistic modeling and lab experiments (ref. article)

Linking the microbial activity with biogeochemical processes such as denitrification and respiration (ref. article)

Modeling of methane emission dynamics from permafrost soil



 Figure.1. Artificial soil aggregate model. (a) 3D visualization of architecture of pore space in a 6 mm soil aggregate and aqueous phase distribution in an angular 3D pore network. (b) representation of one connecting site and a single cell trajectory within angular pore. (c) Schematic representation of triangle unsaturated bond with geometrical considerations, the biogeochemical reactions (aerobic respiration, denitrification) and gas exchanges between liquid and gas phases. Blue and yellow colors show liquid and mineral phases, respectively.  


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