Solange Scognamiglio

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I am a Ph.D. student in Pedology at the Department of Agricultural Sciences of the University of Naples Federico II.

My main interests concern: 1) the study of the relationships between soil andic features and flow-like and rainfall-triggered shallow landslides. Andic soils are characterize by unique and very distinctive chemical and physical properties that make them very fertile but, at the same time, vulnerable to land degradation processes such as erosion and landslides. For this reason they may play a crucial role in flow-like movements initiation. Moreover, soil scientists are understading that the geographic distribution of these soils is much more widespread that previously thought, since they may be formed by pedogenesis over fine silt loess sediments; 2) the study of flow-like movements initiation and their prediction. Such study is performed by means of landslide triggering model on soil-covered slopes and is of primary importance for setting up flow-like risk mitigation strategies. As concerns the development of this topic, I will spend at ETH a 6-months period in order to apply the STEP-TRAMM landslide triggering model to some case studies.

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