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Since 10 years, I have been working as a web developper and an IT technician. I mainly maintained web interfaces and provided IT support for students, collaborators and professors for seven different laboratories, at EPFL and ETHZ








My main challenges are listed below:

Installing and maintaining the Linux network workstation calculations that require days or weeks to complete, and these resources are utilized nearly 365 days a year by our computationally-oriented group.

Installing and maintaining two files server on Ubuntu

Setting up the group web site with Silva and then with CQ5

Developing different web sites with CakePHP

Providing IT support


Biside, I am familiarised with different development technologies such as PHP, MyQL, jQuery and different CMS as Typo3, MODx and CakePHP.


I also have a strong interest with a personnal geolocalisation project with Arduino (C++/C) and serveral modules as GPS, GPRS/GSM, SD card, bluetooth, EEPROM and a tracking web application.


ETH Zurich

I. f. Biogeochemie/Schadstoffdyn.

Pierre Amey

CHN F 28.1

Universitätstrasse 16

8092 Zürich


  • phone +414463230 
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