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Shear Frame

ShearFrame_manual The process of shearing is the counter movement of two frames located on each other.The Shear Box is designed to measure acoustic emission. Therefore the maximal displacement is longer and the shear velocity can be adjusted in a bro ...

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modular subsurface borehole-tower for vadose zone monitoring

Motivation: Most urgent contemporary societal challenges ranging from climate change to ecosystem services and food security are strongly linked to processes taking place in the vadose zone. Long term and highly resolved monitoring of key variables s ...

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apparatus for measuring the Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity of sand, soils and granular matter

The Ks-Station is a measurement station to determine the saturated hydraulic conductivity (Ksat or Ks) in mm/h of soils and sands and potentially other porous media. The station allows to measure four samples simultaneously on four independent units. ...

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Soil water content sensor

Soil water content is an important parameter in hydrology. In order to monitoring long and short term water content characteristics of soil in field experiments, we design wired and wireless low-cost sensors. The sensor has better performances (high ...

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Wireless acoustic emission sensor for monitoring and prediction in early warning systems for rapid mass movements

Acoustic emissions are high-frequency, short-lived, elastic waves generated by the rapid release of stored elastic energy. During deformation of soils and other granular materials, acoustic emissions are generated by various physical processes such a ...

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Miniature wind tunnel for measuring all components of surface and leaf energy balance

The effect of wind speed on evaporation can be measured in the field and using standard wind tunnels in the lab. The effect of wind on sensible heat flux is usually inferred from observations with heated plates and their energy throughput while moni ...

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