Vadose Zone Hydrology

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701-0535-00L Environmental Soil Physics/Vadose Zone Hydrology  D. Or

Syllabus 2016

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Purpose 2016

The course provides a theoretical and practical basis for understanding and quantifying physical and hydrological properties and processes of soils and other natural porous media. We focus on hydro-physical processes taking place near the Earth’s surface emphasizing mass and energy exchange, and transport processes in partially-saturated porous media at multiple scales. The coupling with the atmosphere and the role of plants in the hydrological cycle will be studied. We will review modern measurement methods and analytical tools for hydrological data collection and interpretation. The course provides conceptual and practical tools for addressing vadose zone-related environmental challenges

How to access the materials

Instruction are available from that page


Prof. Dani Or
Dr. Peter Lehmann

Teaching assistants

Benedict Borer

Demo lab:
Dr. Milad Aminzadeh
Siul Ruiz
Hannah Kleyer

Hydrus simulations – numerical solutions of water flow and solute transport
Ali Ebrahimi

Time & Location

Wednesday 15:15 - 17:00 CHN E 46 (lecture)
Exercise session 17:15 - 18:00 CHN E 46 (exercise and demo labs)

Office hours

By appointment


  • Classnotes - Vadose Zone Hydrology, by Or D., J.M. Wraith, and M. Tuller will be available to registered students on the webpage
  • Supplemental textbook: Environmental Soil Physics, by: D. Hillel


  • 60% on final exam
  • 25% on lab reports (3 out of 4)
  • 15% class project - solving an unsaturated flow and solute transport problem
  • Scale - 6.0>90%; 5.5=85%; 5.0=75%; 4.0=60%; F<60%
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