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The Soil and Terrestrial Environmental Physics (STEP) research group endeavours to generate new knowledge and provide scientific bases for understanding, quantifying and predicting key processes taking place in soils and in other interlinked terrestrial compartments of the biosphere. STEP focuses on establishing links across disciplinary boundaries required for addressing complex issues that lie at interfaces between the physical environment and biological activity (microbial activity, plant function), or interfacial processes controlling mass and energy exchange between terrestrial surfaces and the atmosphere. We pursue fundamental approaches to problem solving that combine theory with experiments and emphasize quantitative and measurable solutions. We at STEP are committed to excellence and highest ethical conduct in our endeavors, and strive to maintain a stimulating and rewarding educational and research environment.

As members of the Institute of Biogeochemistry and Pollutant Dynamics and the Department of Environmental Systems Science at ETHZ our research and education is aimed at fostering meaningful links between resource managers, educators and environmental policy makers to better address contemporary challenges related to changing patterns in climate, population, and natural resources use and availability.

Latest publications

Wind increases leaf water use efficiency.
Stanislaus J. Schymanski, and Dani Or
Plant, Cell and Environment, (2016) Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell.
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A generalized complementary relationship between actual and potential evaporation defined by a reference surface temperature.
Milad Aminzadeh, Michael L. Roderick, and Dani Or
Water Resources Research, (2016) Malden: Wiley.
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Microbial community dynamics in soil aggregates shape biogeochemical gas fluxes from soil profiles – upscaling an aggregate biophysical model.
Ali Ebrahimi, and Dani Or
Global Change Biology, (2016) Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell.
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Determining Soil Stress beneath a Tire: Measurements and Simulations. Soil Science Society of America Journal.
Thomas Keller, Siul Ruiz, Matthias Stettler, and Markus Berli
Soil Science Society of America Journal, (2016) Madison, Wisc.: Soil Science Society of America.
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Individual-Based Model of Microbial Life on Hydrated Rough Soil Surfaces.
Minsu Kim, and Dani Or
PLoS one, (2016)
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Latest News


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Seminar: Making the most out of eddy covariance water and energy flux observations

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